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  • Stephen H.

    I just want to also add - "Tentative" completion is a useless metric.

    it was "Tentatively" supposed to be completed by 2017 as well, and yet we Still dont have Fiber. 

  • Stephen H.

    >Locations are identified up to a year prior to installation

    so then is there 0 build scheduled for 2017 in saskatoon?  the map of saskatoon Only shows 'planned - 2016' and not anything for 2017.
    2017 starts in 2 weeks.  Surely you have construction plans available for Q1 already.


    >Max TV service packages and internet speeds in Yorkton are exactly the same as any other community in the province with DSL service

    I do not believe that is correct.
    on fiber served areas, you can have more set top boxes, more HD streams, and higher bandwidth internet.
    this is exactly why your own brochures advertise "maxTV is Better with Infinet!"
    (from the Brochures listed here: )
    The entertainment possibilities are endless when you combine maxTV with infiNET. No more fighting over the remote when you can watch maxTV on up to 7 TVs anywhere in your home. You can even record 4 shows at once to watch later. It’s TV on your terms!
    -- and internet at 20, 50, 100mbps as well bundled With max, instead of the what... 8mbps you include w max on copper?

    >resource shortages in the Saskatchewan market
    What resource shortages?   Everyone is laying off skilled workers and slowing down.  it has never been cheaper to hire contractors to trench / plow because they Need the work and Want the money.

  • Stephen H.

    how is "uh... maybe by 2023 unless we delay it even further" the most current/accurate information you guys can give us?

  • Stephen H.

    on a similar note, I believe SaskTel blocks the standard mailserver ports on home internet services.