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    Petr Kalny
    Unlimited cellular data plan
    Topic posted January 15, 2017 by Petr Kalny, tagged Wireless plans, features, and network 
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    Unlimited cellular data plan

    Seriously sasktel? You canceled wireless unlimited data plan?. Or sorry, not canceled made it only available to VIP city customers that can get internet and max tv. Us, rural customers are nobody's? Not only you don't provide these services for us, but now you even took away the unlimited wireless plan from us. That's a big stab in the back. I could understand raising a price, but taking it away? shame on you



    • Brian Krenz

      And they want anyone with an existing rural unlimited data plan to die a quick and painful death!  Fortunately I held on to my ultimate 65 plan after my contract ran out, the only trouble is my old Samsung rugby is showing it's age.  When I called to see about updating my phone I was told the only way I could keep this plan was to buy a phone outright...Samsung S7 edge $1000, I don't think so.  I learned recently that SaskTel offered a one week promotion in February to upgrade phones for monthly customers and sent out texts, but guess what, that's the one I didn't receive!  Cheers to you SaskTel marketing!  Bell Mobility is looking better every day!

    • Connie Delorme

      Another rural victim here also ~ Plus they discontinued the "push to talk" service and continued to bill us ~ Plus they discontinued the "pay to keep sasktel email" (from dialup days) and continue to bill us even though we hold 9 mobility data contracts.  All the while as the urban folks text/talk and watch movies 24 hours a day for ($115/mth) which is less than half of what we pay and we don't "watch TV/movies" using our service!