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    Allen Bennett
    WWE Network
    Topic posted July 8, 2015 by Allen BennettBronze, tagged maxTV 
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    WWE Network

    Hi, I see that WWE Network is now available with Sasktel. However, when I go to create an account online to watch WWE Network, Sasktel is not one of the providers to choose from. How long before this is fixed?


    • adam tonita

      It looks like we can stream the network content through the app using our sasktel account. I just tried it and it worked!

    • Allen Bennett

      I see that SaskTel is one of the providers that I can click on. Then it takes me to the SaskTel website to login. I put in my username and password but then it says that there was an error. Anybody else have this problem?

    • adam tonita
      Same thing happened to me. I just kept trying and it eventually worked.
    • creeden kitchemonia

      hey so i tried to log into the wwe network it says i need to subscribe but when i do sasktel is not on the site please help

    • Stephen Curry


    • Kari Ferozedin

      Hey guys, haven't been able to log in to the online content for the last couple of days. I can get to the SaskTel login screen, but then it just keeps loading and never gives me the opportunity to actually login. Anyone else having any problems?

    • Allen Bennett

      Same problem here.

    • Allen Bennett

      Come on Sasktel, what is going on with the wwe network not working on mobile devices? Give us an update.