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    John Trethewey
    OK Sasktel what's the scoop on TDD LTE rural internet??
    Topic posted August 28, 2013 by John Trethewey, tagged Internet 
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    OK Sasktel what's the scoop on TDD LTE rural internet??

    I am sure most rural lanowners have all heard the song and dance about the TDD LTE trials that SaskTel and Huawei were doing this year. The question I have is that going to become reality before the end of WBBI or do we the users of this system get the royal shaft by having to select an alternate system and then try and get out of another contract to come back. I have heard rumors of town hall meetings but have yet to see anything for our area (Caron).


     So come on Sasktel what's up? Time is running out.



    • Dr. Zaius

      I would like an answer to this as well. I live so close to Regina that I can see Sasktel's Head Office from my front step, but have been told that once WBBI gets shut off my only option is to switch to Xplornet. This is not an equivalent alternative. The max speeds may be faster, but the PING and connection issues make it a poor option to switch to. Why is it that when I live 3 minutes from the Creeks that I cannot get a faster internet connection? I have friends and family in the area on Xplornet who have shown me that even something as simple Netflix is unwatchable due to the high latency on Satellite Internet.

      The "Mobile Internet Plans" are very poor as well. 8 GB of data for $75 (plus $30 / GB after that) is just ridiculous. Why would I pay $135 for 10 GB of data on a mobile internet plan when I can hotspot my Unlimited Data phone where my entire plan is $65? 

      Can you please explain what the options are for people who are currently on WBBI?

    • SaskTel Support

      Hey John, SaskTel did announce its plans to introduce a new LTE-TDD product following a trial to be completed at the end of the summertime.

      We are hoping to make a further announcement about the product offering in the early fall, 2013. 

    • John Trethewey


      I am sure we wil be one of the first to sign on like we were back when WBBI came to our area.

    • Linda

      I too would like to add my thoughts. I am interested to see what options will be available to us in the Ceylon/Radville area. We have a major feedlot and numerous ag businesses that lie outside the town jurisdiction. Although the town will be getting high speed internet in the near future, rural subscribers will be without once WBBI is finished.

      I have not heard favourable reviews for Xplornet but that is beside the point that we cannot subscribe to the service in our area anyway - it isn't within the satellite coverage.

      If we are forced to rely on our cell phone hotspots, will there be any plans offered to increase or eliminate the data cap? We are running businesses, doing online schooling, entertainment, etc. just like those in urban Saskatchewan and we need access. In fact, it is becoming more and more popular to go paperless with a multitude of businesses - internet has become an essential service.

      Sasktel is a crown corporation - that is what sets it apart from private business. If Telus decides not to offer comparable, affordable coverage in my area, so be it. My tax dollars do not factor in Telus. They do, however, play a role in Sasktel's revenue and I know they respect this.

      Looking forward to hearing about Sasktel's new high speed solution. We too will be one of the first to sign on.