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    Mark Chessie
    Cannot add residential account to mysasktel
    Topic posted May 10, 2013 by Mark ChessieBronze, tagged mySaskTel 
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    Cannot add residential account to mysasktel

    I receive this message when trying to add my residential account  "The name you have used is not associated to this account OR The account you are trying to add is inactive and is no longer available"

    I have tried to sort this out with sasktel customer service, the first person i spoke too hung up on me, the 2nd person i spoke to said my account would be reset and within 24hours I should be good to go(that was 2 weeks ago) and finally i had a chat with a guy who tried to add my account for me but could not, he said he would send it to "the higher ups" I have not heard anything and this is still not resolved.  2 months with sasktel and the cistomer service is not very good. Hopefully this can get resolved soon, i am starting to get annoyed.



    • Dana

      Sorry you're having these problems.  We've passed this on to our second level support.

      Someone will contact you in the next few days.

      Thanks for letting us know so we can get things fixed for you.

    • Karen Anderson

      Get used to the customer support and poor online platforms.  It's a norm for Sasktel.  I really wish there was competition outside of the large cities, I would be switched in a heartbeat.

    • Cathy Smith


      I cannot add a residential account.  I do not print out my ebills and don't know my account number.  I submitted the account number registered to the account in my on line banking.  Apparently it's too long. 


      How am I supposed to add my residential account when I can't find the number on the website?






    • Logan

      Hi Cathy,

      For help with this see Finding your account number (CAN)

    • Mark Chessie

      So sasktel has fiinally added my account, now I am having an issue accessing the "e-store"  i registered and followed all the steps but I can still not change my package or any of that stuff

    • Cathy Smith

      Hi Logan


      Many thanks!  Works perfectly!




    • Logan

      Great to hear Cathy!

      Mark, I believe yours should be fixed as well.