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    New iPhone concepts from fans
    Topic posted December 15, 2013 by sara carter, tagged iPhone 
    New iPhone concepts from fans

    Apple fans are some of the most crazed ones out there, and they have been
    working hard coming up with new iPhone designs. It’s pretty convenient for
    Apple that hasn’t been able to come up with a good redesign since Steve
    Jobs died. In fact, Apple should probably consider doing some sort of
    competition to bring in more ideas like this and hopefully bring forth a
    new phone in the coming years. Here are a few examples of things cooked up
    by crazed fans for the next generation of Apple products.

    Super-thin iPhone

    Apparently, the fans want thinner products. With technology it seems
    thinner is better with everything. This includes laptops, TVs, phones, and
    more. I guess that’s why the fans came up with the iPhone Air idea. More or
    less, according to Value Walk, the phone would be as thin as air. It would
    be just like the iPad Air but a little bit more extreme. The image of the
    iPhone concept has no border around the screen with the exception of a
    small border on the bottom of the phone for the main home button and a
    small border on top for the camera and ear piece. The edge to edge screen
    is pretty popular in up and coming smartphone concepts and could be seen
    very soon.

    Curving your phone

    With curving phones a reality now, since they are already been sold by
    other phone manufacturers, the Apple fans have come up with an iPhone 6c
    concept that curves to your face. The phone would still be pretty flat, but
    the screen would curve just to make talking on the phone easier. It is an
    interesting concept that wouldn’t make any difference to the hardware in
    the phone. Really, it would just change the shape of the phone. Many iPhone
    concepts are like that.

    Same old, same old

    Have you noticed that Apple hasn’t been able to innovate in quite some
    time? Oh wait. It came out with the iPad mini, but that wasn’t very
    innovative. And then there was the iPhone 5c idea, but that was more about
    marketing and selling more products than innovation. Apple seems to stick
    with the same old thing with every new product. But is Apple’s same old
    thing plan any good? Maybe it is.

    As a well-known technology company, Apple doesn’t want to just follow the
    crowd. It wants to be the leader of the crowd. By following the crowd,
    Apple might be giving up any chance of being the leader again. And many of
    the new fads in the technology world fade away pretty quickly, so it may
    not even be worth all the money it would take to get involved. Maybe
    Apple’s plan to stay out of all the hussle and bussle while coming up with
    its own new innovations is good afterall. The idea is to stick with what
    they already know and hopefully come up with something even better. Don’t
    waste money on new product until you know it is going to work.

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