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    Johnathan Oranchuk
    IPv6 LAN for Nest Protect
    Topic posted April 25, 2017 by Johnathan Oranchuk, tagged Internet 
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    IPv6 LAN for Nest Protect

    I do not know if this has been asked before but I want to add Nest Protect detectors to my home and for them to work properly my router needs to support IPv6. I noticed it does but i cannot enable it. Is there any way to make this work or has anyone set up Nest detectors up on their Sasktel network to work? Its far as i know they only need IPv6 to interconnect within my house and not out onto the net.





    • Ryan Renneberg

      I think you might be mistaken on that requirement.  I have 4 of them and i'm quite certain they all have IPv4 IPs on my internal network.

    • Johnathan Oranchuk

      I called Nest support and they are the ones who said I need IPV6 for the system to work properly. They actually said to wait for my service provider of support IPV6 before I purchase protects. It's good to hear that someone is using them on the Sasktel network.