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    Peter Lukey
    Strict Double NAT With Saskhell Fusion
    Topic posted May 25, 2018 by Peter Lukey, tagged Internet 
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    Strict Double NAT With Saskhell Fusion

    I have always had a strict NAT with sasktel, but a few months ago I started getting a double NAT on my xbox and its causing all kinds of unwanted issues.  I've been trying to find a fix for it personally for a while now with no luck.  So many people say it's easy to fix and I'm sure it is, but with sasktel, nothing is every easy.


    So yeah, has anybody had issues like this and found out a workaround? I'd much rather hear it from someone on here than have to spend 1 minute on the phone with sasktel.


    "Umm, have you tried restarting your router sir...?"  OMFG



    • Nick Hughes

      Fusion port-forwarding is a touch trickier than standard internet