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    Sharon Bernier
    Fusion Nightmare
    Topic posted December 3, 2017 by Sharon Bernier, tagged Internet 
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    Fusion Nightmare

    We've been struggling with Fusion for years and at first it was "we know the tower you're on is congested" to now "the tower is fine, no congestion", yet trying to do anything on the internet is so frustrating as nothing loads, keeps timing out, etc., etc.  Sasktel's answer which I'm sure all Fusion customers received in the mail was if you wanted to pay MORE, then they would boost you.  Hmmm, offering a boost would suggest that Sasktel knows there is a big problem, but yet, instead of boosting their customers who they know have been so frustrated with such an inferior product, they won't just boost you, you have to spend MORE money.  The price of Fusion is outrageous as basically we are paying for a "dialup" service.  Since Sasktel knows there is a big problem and as others have stated that customer service keeps saying they get 100 calls a week about Fusion, is Sasktel going to do anything about this?  I refuse to pay more to get a "boost" when I'm already paying way more than what this service offers.  Its so bad that at times I have to put the hot spot on my phone in order to get anything done on my computer.  In the past I've tried emailing, phoning, etc., and nothing changed.  I admit I haven't done either for awhile as it has gotten to the point of "why bother", SaskTel doesn't care.  I would like to know if SaskTel is going to do anything for their Fusion customers or because we live in what they classify as a "rural" area, we're stuck with this?



    • Sky Team - Fusion Team


      I have to ask you some questions:

      Which tower your fusion (ODU) pointed to?

      They offer to migrate to the new towers or upgraded sectors, have you been contacted to migrate your system if available! I don't think SaskTel send letters about boost the system its an optional if customers like to upgrade or not.

      please reply back if you still having ant issues

    • Sharon Bernier

      We are on the Paynton tower and SaskTel did contact us during Christmas and ran some tests (when pages wouldn't load the person from SaskTel realized what I was talking about) and after the tests, I was told it's our equipment which I figured SaskTel would say regardless.  This month, I used my phone too much so when I'm at home, instead of using my data, I am using fusion and I have the same problems on my phone as I do on my computer.  If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.    

    • Sharon Bernier

      And no we have not been contacted to change towers.  All we have received is a form letter stating that if we want to "boost" our system, for an extra $19.95 a month, SaskTel will do this.