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    Tyler Augustin
    Does my 2Wire 2701HG-S router have a UPnP setting?
    Topic posted April 30, 2015 by Tyler Augustin, tagged Internet, Wi Fi 
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    Does my 2Wire 2701HG-S router have a UPnP setting?
    Can't download anything on my playstation. Called and asked if sasktel could help but they don't help with port forwarding and that's what they suggested. After doing research and trying constantly it still isn't working. I don't necessarily want to enable my DMZplus for obvious reasons. But it's getting to the point where I might.. I have to download all updates through hotspot on my phone. Very fusturating! Someone help?



    • SaskTel Support

      Hello Tyler,

      2Wire 2701HG-S router does not support UPnP but here is some information that should help
      Port forwarding the 2wire 2701HG-S router


    • Rob Hopkins

      None of the Pace or 2Wire units supplied by Sasktel support UPnP. 
      Best solution is to purchase a good quality router and disable all routing functions in the sasktel unit, using only the modem function. Plug your new router into the sasktel router, and configure the port you plugged into as a DMZ. (allow ALL)

      If you're doing anything more than surfing the web and facebooking, the sasktel equipment is dismally unqualified.
      Why they don't offer more flexible versatile hardware is beyond me.