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    David Lockyer
    Printing E Bills
    Topic posted August 29, 2015 by David Lockyer, tagged Billing, Internet 
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    Printing E Bills

    Before the web upgrade you could print ebill by selecting that option, now you have Print/download and so the pdf downloads then you have to open it, print it and them delete it. If you are like me I keep hard copies of invoices and not electronic ones. Why Oh why did the direct print option disappear, and why considering that SaskTel is the service provider for the internet is their site so slow ???



    • Bert Legault

      I wish to print my bills from October.  Where do I find them and how do I print them?

    • SaskTel Support

      Printing your latest bill

      1. Log in to mySaskTel.
      2. Click View eBill for the account you want to see.
      3. Click Print/Download in the grey bar. You'll see a warning message about sensitive information. (If you want to clear your cache later and you don't know how, see Fixing your Internet browser settings.)
      4. Click OK.
        • In Chrome, a pdf copy of your statement will automatically download to your computer. The default file name is "document-0.pdf". 
        • In Firefox, you'll see the Opening document-0.pdf window. Choose Open with (Adobe Acrobat) and click OK.
        • In Internet Explorer, you'll see the File Download window or a question at the bottom of your screen. Click Open.

          Internet Explorer - open or save question
      5. Print the file from the program it's open in.
        (Or, find and open the file on your computer, and then print the file. It will usually be saved in a folder called Downloads.)

      Printing an older bill

      1. Choose Bill history or Filed bills from the Bills drop-down menu (top of your screen).
      2. Click View / Pay bill for the bill you want to print.
      3. Follow steps 3 to 5 above.

      You'll need to do this for each bill you want to print. ^SL

    • Roger Semegen
      Sorry Sask Tel The printing problem wasn't your fault. Chrome hid the print selection drop down menu, so clicking print wanted me to save my ebill as a PDF. CRTL+ SHIFT+P will get you to the print drop-down menu where you can choose "destination" & change to select your printer. Then you can print your bill as before.
    • Glen Hoddinott

      How do we access old ebills?  So if I need to retrieve bills from the past 12 months for tax purposes, how can I get those?

    • Logan

      Hi Glen, 

      Follow the print a bill instructions on Using eBill to pay, save, print, and file your SaskTel eBills.