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    Darryn Fehr
    Can't text other providers
    Topic posted August 1, 2013 by Darryn Fehr, tagged Wireless plans, features, and network 
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    Can't text other providers
    As of 5:30am - now (currently 8:50am) on 01/08/2013 I, along with a few people I work with who are all on Sasktel are able to text people on Sasktel but unable to text other service providers. I have personally tested it on Sasktel, Bell, Telus, and Rogers and so far I can only send to Sasktel cell numbers. When message fails you recieve a message from your own number saying "unable to message 1306####### - System error". Just a little fyi for anyone interested..



    • SaskTel Support

      Hello Darryn, thank you for the details of who you could and could not text to. We are/were aware of the problem and have repaired it. Some wireless problems can be resolved by restarting your phone. Please power off your device and power it back on again after waiting approximately 15 seconds.  ^TW