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    Peter Box
    10 mbps Service For Fort Qu'Appelle
    Topic posted June 2, 2017 by Peter Box, tagged Internet 
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    10 mbps Service For Fort Qu'Appelle

    In a 2016 press release it was stated that Fort Qu'Appelle was one of the communities to receive an upgrade to 10 mbps dsl by the end of 2016. Here it is June 2017 and we are still sitting at 5 mbps. It seems odd to me that my cell phone can download at 6 MB/sec and yet my home dsl can't even manage to download at 1 MB/sec. Are we ever going to see faster service?



    • SaskTel Support

      Hi Peter,


       As with any upgrade, some factors can delay deployment of a complete infrastructure upgrade. It is completely normal that your phone can download faster, as it is a separate and different technology not bound by copper lines, some of which have been in place for over half a century. 

      Upgrade information will be available as new details are released at