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    Idea: High Def Channels
    Topic posted October 15, 2013 by KSarBronze, tagged maxTV 
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    Idea: High Def Channels

    I have a suggestion about the max tv menu. I wish the low definition channels that I have in high def didn't show up at all. There are a few channels that I only get in low def so I'd like to still see those but if there's duplicate channels in high and low def I don't want to see the low def ones. I don't see a reason why I'd ever want to watch something on low def if it was available in high def so it would make surfing the menus easier if they just didn't show up.

    Does anyone else think this would be a useful enhancement?



    • watermelon-helmet

      Under MENU => LIVE TV => LISTS, there are lists of channels by categories e.g. movies, HD, sports.  Perhaps the developers could add a list that does what  you suggested.

      I still want the SD (standard definition) channels to show up in searches because for some programs, I will record the SD version instead of the HD version for a number of reasons - content does not warrant HD.  SD takes up less space on the PVR. etc.

      I support your suggestion as long as it can be selected on each TV box.

    • SaskTel Support

      You can customize your guide as per instructions found here:   Hiding and showing channels in the maxTV Guide  ^TW