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    Les Salkeld
    Fusion usage not updating properly
    Topic posted March 19, 2017 by Les Salkeld, tagged Billing, Internet 
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    Fusion usage not updating properly

    My Fusion data usage was the same for 4 days.  I called support and found out I was showing about 7GB less then them.  It updated by 100mb the next day, which it never does, it always goes up by about 1-1.5GB everyday. I phoned in again last night to check, I'm showing 50,923 for the last 2 days and as of last night they said I was around 58,000MB, today it should jump about 2GB cause I watched a movie last night.  They tell me I am the only one.  Keep and eye on your usage and if it doesn't look right, I suggest calling in to see what they have your usage at.

    You will get the standard question, how are you checking it, reload the app(which is not used for Fusion), it takes 24-48 hours to update, etc,.  I have been watching my usage ever since I got Fusion.  Something is wrong.  I have a few friends checking theirs also, but they just started. 



    • Les Salkeld

      I just talked to my neighbor and his billing cycle reset 3 days ago and his usage is still showing Zero. Talked to another neighbor and hers hasn't changed in 3 days also. But hey, according to Sasktel, I'm the only one with this problem.  Must be something in the water. 

    • Bonnie Moleski

      Hey Guys

      Fusion usage does not update over the weekend i have noticed.  So if you are close to going over, try not doing it on a weekend as you will be unable to track your usage.

      It takes days sometimes for your usage to be updated.

      I have also heard that if you have a router and connect your WLAN modem to it and only use the it as your wireless connection that your usage will be less.  The WLAN modem router is not good quality or reliable.  My modem is dying and I am only getting sporadic service when I hit the reset button.  According to Sasktel the modem has a glitch and it is constantly trying to reset/restart itself.  Need a new modem.  But I have to buy a whole new system and have it installed, no one will sell parts and of course after close to three years their is no warranty!  So my choices are to buy a new system and have the company selling it - only a few dealers that sell fusion - to come and install it. That way I will have warranty if their are any problems.  But hey I only need a new modem - sad - I am forced to buy a complete new system.  Anyway good luck everyone!