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    Promo wireless plan
    Topic posted November 28, 2012 by LoganGold, last edited June 5, 2013 by KimBronze, tagged Wireless plans, features, and network 
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    Promo wireless plan

    I switched to the Ultimate 65 Plan this week and I thought I’d let everyone here know about it. For me the decision to change plans was easy. I pay the same monthly fee as before but have added features like unlimited local calling, 150 long distance minutes, and unlimited picture/video messaging. Has anyone else taken advantage of this promotion?

    For more details see Ultimate 65 plan



    • Ashley Hilderman

       I also switched the the ULTIMATE 65, the great thing about this plan is i use more then 150 long distance minutes, I currently pay 10.00 for 300 minutes so now i have a total of 450 long distance minutes. I do alot of travelling as well and the enhanced cell to cell calling is great because i can place any outgoing calls to any sasktel wireless customers from anywhere in canada and its UNLIMITED!