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    Danny Bissonnette
    Max TV & Internet Promo
    Topic posted August 20, 2013 by Danny Bissonnette, tagged Internet, maxTV 
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    Max TV & Internet Promo

    So I started one of Sasktel's 3 month promo for MaxTV & Internet and at the end of the promo i was expecting a phone from Sasktel about what services i liked and wanted to keep and ones i didn't but no call. Instead Sasktel took it upon them selves and decided i wanted everything so my bill went from $35(promo) a month to $212 (everything) a month, THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!! I know i should have called Sasktel first but i was a couple days late. Sasktel should have charged me the minimum and not the maximum. Has anyone else experience this MONEY grab from Sasktel?



    • Logan

      Hi Danny,

      The person who signed you up for the promo should have told you we try to call all customers before promotions end to avoid this situation, but we cannot guarantee everyone will be notified.

      I also learned that SaskTel might not show up on your call display. If you’re like me and don’t answer any calls from unknown numbers such as 1-800 or 1-877 you may have missed the call.  

      It sounds like you may have already called and changed your services but as a tip to others, it’s best to change your package as soon as possible because the charges for the month are prorated.