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    vic bergen
    absolute aweful service!
    Topic posted July 11, 2017 by vic bergen 
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    absolute aweful service!

    why should I and our community continue to pay regular sasktel rates when our coverage is "at the best" is  AWEFUL!    we continue to struggle with  0-1 bar service and often a cell phone refuses to send even a text message. my summer office is my tractor or sprayer. the brightest SaskTel service worker simply says to me "you need a booster".  that will really help me call when I need the water truck in the field! in an emergency I have to drive to the nearest landline to be sure to get help.  Come on SaskTel..give us some service!     vicbergen drake sask



    • Connie Delorme

      They cater to the urban demographic :-/   Rural matters not!!  I have 3 bars and still get dropped service.  Pretty hard to conduct an Ag-business in rural Saskatchewan  with Sask Tel!!