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    Ken Ganshirt
    mySaskTel web site issues
    Topic posted April 30, 2013 by Ken Ganshirt, tagged mySaskTel 
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    mySaskTel web site issues

    The new mySaskTel site performance is beyond awful.  SaskTel acknowledges this on the support page.  I hope they do something soon.  It is not currently usable.  Far quicker to get things done over the phone, even with long hold times.

    When you log into mySaskTel and select myBills you go to the old eBills site.  This site still performs as well as it ever did; not great but quite usable.

    However, once you get to the eBills site there is no link back to the mySaskTel site.

    I discovered that if you click your "Profile" link on the eBills site it will take you to the myProfile page of mySaskTel.  From there you can navigate back to mySaskTel.  It works, but it's a workaround that most people may not discover. 

    The right way to do it is to add a direct link back to the mySaskTel home page in the left-hand pane of the eBills site.

    I started a Chat session from the Support page to see if there is such a link somewhere on the eBills page, in case I missed something.  The support person on the Chat session suggested the same workaround I had already found.  I asked her to submit a ticket requesting that this be fixed properly.  She said she would pass my feedback along to someone but did not confirm that a ticket would be created.

    I discovered on the Support page that you can track your support questions.  This includes Chat sessions.  Nice feature!

    My chat session is listed as #130430-000049.  I was surprised, and very annoyed, to discover that my chat session is listed as "Solved" status.

    The problem is not solved.  The problem I reported still exists.

    Either SaskTel has a strange notion of what "Solved" means or the support person I chatted with is stretching the definition rather badly.

    I hope someone from SaskTel support monitors these forums and can look into this.




    • Logan

      Hi Ken,

      I was able to look up the incident based on the number you provided. It appears that they responded to your inquiry, but in case you didn't get it I'll post it here.

      Dear Ken,

      Your problem has not been solved, we are aware of your concerns, and as I mentioned, I have forwarded your feedback to the mySaskTel Team.

      The status of Solved, means that your Chat was Solved by our computer system - this happens automatically after a chat.

      Thanks for using We appreciate your business.

      Sincerely, SaskTel Customer Services Team

    • Wayne Mott

      Your new sasktel site is slow and painful to use. I was already thinking about leaving your company for someone else. This is helping me make my decision.

    • Cory Richard

      don't leave for shaw Wayne MOTT they are as horrible as sasktel. they will get to the bottom of this, just ask them bout going to paper billing till this recified.  please don't leave because of this.  i know it annoying but i'm not leaving.  shaw will never get my money.   they are greedy and crappy so yeah keep pushing their buttons ok wayne mott.  

    • John Livesey

      My support call was 130422-000185. But I can't get back to that chat now. At least I can now see my bill, but my experience was pretty much the same as Ken G. Incredibly slow website. Had to go 'round in circles just to be taken back to the old billing system. Why bother. Took 18 minutes to get my bill. No such thing as "I'll just quickly pop on to the web to see what I owe...."  Note to support staff: please don't bother to send me updates -- you've lost me. John Livesey

    • Cory Richard
      Why you switching to somebody else. John . To whom.
    • NineSuns

      Hi, just to put this in prospective ... I believe SaskTel launched MySaskTel a little over a week ago. I have been involved in major IT initiative projects and my experience is that they are never flawless when first implemented .. they always have implementation problems that only show up under the strain of actual usage. I think a bit of patience is needed while they troubleshoot issues as they arise. If this is still an issue in 6 months, then that will be inexcusable. 

      My personal experience is that my MySaskTel was working very well after the initial login. I had accidentally logged in the first day and got the initial implementation problems ... which were quickly resolved. 

    • Susan Blair

      i finally got logged in and after forever & three phone calls got 2 ebills re added but cant seee anything but balance. I have been waiting for them to call me back fir an hour & a half. This sucks!


    • Logan

      Hi Susan,

      I've sent you a private message, please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help you.

    • Qiang Hu

      I second that. The performance of the new website is unacceptable. It should not have been released to the public without thourough testing. Compared with the old site, the new one takes longer to load, takes longer to login and some features do not function at all. For example, I tried three times to subscribe to ebill, but the subscribe to ebill link took me right back to my account summary page every time. And when I tried to view my ebill, I was told I was not subscribed. I'll stick to paper bill until Sasktel irons things out.

    • James Pryde

      As others have said, the new site is painfully slow and some functions do not appear to work at all.  That said, I do like the new e-Bill layout - with one major caveat.  There does not appear to be any way to get the bill detail - so how do I check that SaskTel are not following the lead of Rogers and Telus and playing games with "obscure billing practices" (read "unwarranted charges")?

      Incidentally, on the assumption that my problems were caused by the conversion process, I registered a new MySaskTel account and like Qiang Hu I could not register for e-billing.  That seems to be because the wireless account was already registered.

      Message to those who are considering switching to another carrier - don't give it more than a passing thought!  I have had accounts in the past with both Rogers and Telus in Canada and Verizon and Sprint in the U.S.  In my opinion, based on past experience, SaskTel is the only carrier which comes even close to being honest.  I'll curse them just like the rest of you - but I won't switch!

    • James Pryde

      I finally stumbled on the page where I can see my rate plan (on mySaskTel) but can't get it to show me the rate plan for my second phone.  It lets me select the secondary phone in the "drop-down" box but just returns to the primary phone's plan.  Am I missing something?  This could get very frustrating as I have a second account with 2 more phones and presumably will have the same issue on that account.

      Any advice appreciated!


      LATER:  SaskTel must be fixing things "on the fly" - I'm now able to see the second phone!