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    John Herman
    Nothing from you? Why Not?
    Topic posted December 6, 2012 by John Herman, last edited December 6, 2012, tagged Wireless phones and devices 
    Nothing from you? Why Not?

    Months ago after a kies update, several and I mean several people all over the counrty of Canada have had an issue with their samsung phones not connecting to Kies. When this happens you can't transfer or sync.

    Through trial and error I have found a temporary work around for this and I will post it, here.


    Uninstall kies and all usb modem mobile drivers accociated with Samsung.

    Restart computer/laptop.

    Reinstall Kies with the internet offline and then uninstall the usb mobile driver that came with it.

    Find and install usb mobile driver

    Stay off line when you connect your phone to the computer and dont update a thing.


    My problem is this. I have phoned and emailed Samsung over this issue for months now. They always say it is an escallated report but I haven't seen anything to resolve this. It took me half an hour to find a supervisor over this.

    In my experiments, it's the ADB drivers that are not picking up on the Samsung phone signatures.

    This could be a Samsung issue or an Android issue.

    I was realy surprised to know that when I phoned the sales reps at wireless age,  These people have had to tell consumers that all they can do is keep trying and hope to get lucky...REALLY? They have no idea how to resolve this and knowone has helped them.

    I, on the other hand have phoned several places and told them how to accomplish this.


    Yea on me.

    So....why did I have to do it? Why is it that several complaints are issued and no one has found this and or posted it as a temp fix. I did. maybe someone from your tech dept could/should have?

    Why is there no release on this and a "we are currently working with Android and Samsung to resolve this issue" statement?

    It's just mostley the Canadian phones and seldome the U.S phones. We are not 360 million people. We are 30 million so reports of our issues over the net are rare but phone a carrier here in Sask. You will see that it is an epidemic.

    Why are you not making waves with Samsung Canada or Android on fixing this? Do you need a direct link to their site? How about a phone number? You want my case number? I've already solved some of the issues for you?

    Why is there not better communication between you and your distribution companies like Wireless age, and all the others? Why are they saying :"I dunno. Sasktel hasn't told us anything"?

    Don't you police these companies and ensure their stock or service is kept? This doesn't come back to them. It comes back to you, Sasktel. Make some noise over this please.

    This so far is a great lack of service promised and I can not see why on earth anyone would want to stay with Sasktel if something this old has been allowed to fester and continue. It's been months. With absolutely no word from you or the other companies.

    I have kept my service with Sasktel out of loyalty. Don't test it to much please.



    PS: Thank you to Nathan from tech support at 5:30pm who was able to finally get me in to this room as it was not allowing me to log in for a very, very long time. Someone today helped. :)