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    Stephen Stephenson
    How much Sasktel sucks
    Topic posted May 13, 2018 by Stephen Stephenson, tagged Email, Home phone, iPhone, mySaskTel, Outage: service not working, Roaming, Voice mail, Wi Fi, Wireless phones and devices, Wireless plans, features, and network 
    How much Sasktel sucks

    I have only lived here for less than a year, and the sasktel internet is so brutal I have had to triple my Rogers data on my cellphone to watch any hockey or TV shows because the Sasktel internet is so embarrassing it regularly cuts out and drops. It makes more sense paying for additional cellular data with Rogers than it does to waste your money paying for Sasktel internet that doesn’t even work 90% of the time.

    Baffled how this  bogus “organization” could ever classify themselves as a telecommunications company.