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    britt bilquist
    highway service
    Topic posted April 27, 2013 by britt bilquist 
    highway service
    Seeing how the year is 2013, how about sasktel thinks about getting cell phone service on the hanson lake road. Its a 5 hour stretch of highway going from smeaton the creighton. Iv driven it multiple times to go home to visit family and it doesn't get any less nerve racking knowing that if I don't make it in a certain amount of time, my father will be on the highway looking for me. Could anyone of you sasktel people who sit in an office in the citys just think about sending one of your children on that highway by them selves? How about the fact that if they crashed, who can call for help? Not a single person can call for help. Pretty crazy thought. Would it take a sasktel CEO's son or daughter to be killed on that highway for something to be done? Beginning to look that way....