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    email ebill
    Topic posted January 7, 2014 by LonBronze, tagged Billing 
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    email ebill

    When I originally signed up for ebill I had this crazy idea that Sasktel would simply email me a document (pdf, html, doc, or something) rather than mailing it to my home address.

    Am I crazy for thinking it should be that simple?  I thought it was to save trees and make it more convenient.

    I don't need to pay it online, I don't need to view it online from any computer, I don't need to know my bill history, I just want to retreive my email in my inbox and save the pdf.   I like paperless, if I needed to print it I would just not sign up for ebill.  The way it is is most certainly not convenient (not even as convenient as paper bills).  There are too many logins and mouse clicks just to be able to see the bill and save a pdf of it to the local device of my choosing.

    Perhaps it is for security reasons that they don't attach a pdf of my bill to the monthly email they send me, but I can transfer millions of dollars through email if I had the funds, and its more secure than the mailbox affixed to my house.  And because the monthly email I get about my ebill actually contains no actual content, I even have a filter that just sends it straight to my spam folder.

    I would love it if Sasktel just attached the pdf of my bill to the monthly email I get for signing up for ebill.



    • Robert Minion

      I can't add anything more to what was said other than whole hearted agreement,

    • Roger Bonneau

      Could not agree more with everything you said! The amount of money we pay them should lead to A+ service and I give it a c- at best!


    • Mike Robey

      I signed up for ebill over a year again. Sasktel sends me a paper bill, and email alerting me to my ebill which I then log-in to access. I have tried several times to have Sasktel discontinue my paper bill. It was easy with SaskPower, SaskEnergy and Telus. However, SaskTel either does not understand the reasonable requests being made or they have a policy which requires them to continue the ebill and the paper bill simultaneously. The fact they ignore the community blog leads me to believe the latter. Maybe a C- minus on a good day.

    • SaskTel Support

      Hi Mike, if you are set up for ebill and still getting your paper bill we can fix this up for you.  Please join us on "chat"

    • John Lyons

      I wish to express my agreement with those who have already addressed this issue.  I also thought that ebill payment would be fast and efficient. However, I could have walked the kilometre to the credit union, paid my paper bill, and walked back home in less time than it takes to wade through this unnecessarily cumbersome process.  I have been paying bills online for years and have never encountered such a botched system.  

      Has no one at SaskTel heard of the KISS  rule?  Keep It Simple Stupid!


    • Ken Bocking

      Recieved another mail bill when I have signed up for eBill??? I Agree with above. In the email it should include an attachment of the bill or a one step to open it. I sent an ebill from a US company to you, you  could look at the format and copy a good portion to keep your  customers happy here. I rate Sasktel ebill as very poor and sending of a mailed copy waste. Terrible.

    • Davio

      As far as I know, I haven't even received an email letting me know that I have a bill.  We do pay it automatically, but it would still be nice to know when it is due.  We just saw the payment on our Visa bill.


    • J.J.
      @Mike. I've tried for years to stop paper bills. In person. By email. By phone. I've handed stacks of mail to Sasktel stores. Over and over again. Sasktel in incapable of following their own policy. To this day I send it back in the mail every month. Sasktel techs are great. Customer service lacks confidence. As for ebill, I am unaware of another company that can't post current balances. Only monthly.
    • Carol Hipfner

      This is got to be most frustrating site I have ever tried navigating through.

    • Gary Pare

      For the last few months my ebills have stopped. Now i get charged late fees because these clowns at sasktel cant get their act together. No one can tell me where the bills are?

      my only recourse at this point is to check manually each month for the amount and pay it.