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    Voicemail cost
    Topic posted March 26, 2014 by Jim, tagged Billing, Voice mail, Wireless phones and devices, Wireless plans, features, and network 
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    Voicemail cost

    I am absolutely dumbfounded that as an Ultimate 70 plan subscriber that Sasktel nickel and dimes me to use voicemail.  Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How can this feature, that costs your company almost nothing, NOT be included as part of one of your highest priced plans?



    • SaskTel Support

      Hi Jim,

      This plan includes Mini mail

      If you require more storage and features there are other packages available to you. 

      Have a great day! 



    • Lon

      Agreed Jim, as the cheapest option, "mini mail" is adequate to handle the one or two voicemails I receive in a week.  But the $0.15 per minute to access it is kind of maddening.  I pay it, because it is only $0.15, and I pretty much have no other choice, I could pay more for the upgraded voicemail to save myself the eye-rolling when I look at my bill to see how many cents I paid to hear my messages, but it is just knowing that I'm literally being "nickeled and dimed" that disappoints me with Sasktel.  It could be only 1cent per minute and I would still feel disappointed.

    • Jim

      SaskTel Support,

      Thanks for replying so quickly to my concerns .. but I think you have missed my point - I know my "Ultimate" 70 plan includes Mini mail ... that's exactly what I'm saying ... you have included a simplified Voice Mail as part of your top plan and you are asking me to pay a few cents every time I use it - I find that insulting.  Looks to me, by reading Lon's response, that I'm not the only one.  Come on - when a person pays $75 per month on one of your best plans, the last thing you want to do as a company is 'nickel and dime' them every time someone leaves a voice mail or they check it.

    • Lon

      Jim, if you want to access your voicemail messages for free you can also do it over the internet (using the browser on your smartphone) at the following link:

      I find this method is a little cumbersome, and sometimes the audio file won't actually play back when I access it over my phone - so I usually just pay the d@mn fifteen cents per minute.  But atleast its an option should you choose to spite mini mail.

      Or you could upgrade to enhanced for an extra $7 per month and get a whole bunch of extras you probably don't need but would eliminate the access charge.

    • Felicia

      I agree! I find this service completely ridiculous. They could at least give you a few voicemails/month for free. 

    • Emily Muench

      I agree!! I've had a lot of trouble with SaskTel, and I cant even access the "mini Mail" I'm supposed to have, As part of the best plan SaskTel has they should have voicemail included, they got thousands of people using their company, they don't have the need to be billing people paying for their top plan for voicemail services, they only have the desire to do so. The other problem is slowing down the internet for those using their top plan, when they should be slowing it down for those who aren't paying 75$ for their phones in order to let them know theyre getting close to their limit.

      But the voicemail issue is pretty big in my opinion. As a student and a young mom sharing custody with the father, I would like to be able to access my voicemail quick and free of charge if something were to happen to my son, and I was in a lecture with my phone turned off, I would like to be able to access a voice message to know that things are bad or good.



    • Robert Leonardo

      This month, I will pay $7.65 to access all my voice messages from the previous month. MOST of which are telemarketing callers-- even with a few of the numbers blocked on my phone, SaskTel permits them to collect in voicemail. 

      If I don't want to jump to an internet link to use the PHONE service for free (and I do not), can the 'included feature' be removed so that I cannot get voicemail and thus stop getting charged these fees to access?  

    • Joanne Clifford

      Agreed! This is supposed to be a FREE SERVICE  but it's only free if you don't use it. Most voicemail messages I get are blanks or hangups from solicitors. I use my phone for business so I like to have the greeting and the voicemail option for my customers. Also, the messages are deleted after 7 days whether I want to keep them or not. If I want a message deleted I can do it myself! 

    • Robert Leonardo

      My resolve was to dump the feature.  It was simple for a CS agent to remove voicemail from my plan.  While inconvenient, I am also saving money. Still would be nice for SaskTel to revamp this 'feature' and give the option of voice mail actually being free.