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    Bill Weppler
    Sasktel Select Wifi issues
    Topic posted December 9, 2017 by Bill Weppler, tagged Wi Fi 
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    Sasktel Select Wifi issues

    Has anyone having trouble connecting to Sasktel Select Wifi in the last month? I attend Pats games and in the last month have not been able to log into it.  Some other fans in same section have same issue that started at the same time, while others can get on the same as always. Have similar issues at other locations in Regina as well. Have not changed phone or settings. Has worked at Brandt Center since Select Wifi installed over a year ago. THx.



    • SaskTel Support

      Hi Bill, thanks for your question.

      When using the mySaskTel  app on Android, some customers are receiving the following error message; "Authenticating... SIM information has not been retrieved.  Please, ensure you have a valid SaskTel SIM card inserted on your device." 
       Make sure the App has been granted the correct permissions. 
      The app will ask user to grant permissions when it needs.
      To re-enable phone permission for the MySaskTel app :
      1. disable all permission from setting, settings>apps>mysasktel app>disable
      2. launch mySaskTel app
      3. Customer should have to "allow" the App to access the phone/IMSI info
      This issue appears to potentially effect any device on Androids regardless of the devices age.
      Confirm it has the following:  Approximate Location, Precise Location, Read Phone Status and Identity,  Full Network Access, View Network Connections, Install Shortcuts
      See   Using SaskTel selectWI-FI  and  Troubleshooting SaskTel selectWI-FI  for complete instructions.
      If you're still having troubles or the problem is not listed above, call 1.800.773.2121.