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    Bill Salloum
    TMN Encore
    Topic posted November 3, 2017 by Bill Salloum, tagged maxTV 
    TMN Encore

    I've subscribed to the TMN bundle for a while and recently had it updated to have the TMN Encore channels incorporated into it. What a colossal disappointment!

    The TMN mobile app lists a tremendous collection of great movies available on TMN Encore. However, few if any are available via streaming; most or all say "downloadable". This is ok, but when I try to download I get a message saying "your service provider does not support this feature". Digging further into this message indicates service providers such as Bell and Rogers do allow downloads, but SaskTel is specifically named as a provider which does not.

    Ok ... so I figure these Encore movies must be available in my On Demand list of movies .. but nope, they don't show up there either.

    All I get for TMN Encore is two ( NON-HD !! ) channels with their own scheduled viewing. No on demand whatsoever.

    So after this lengthy rant, I want to ask: does SaskTel have plans to allow true on demand viewing of TMN Encore movies (which is apparently available from other service providers) in the near future? If not, then I would seriously consider cancelling TMN and subscribing to Netflix instead, which is a much cheaper option anyway.