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    Bill Weppler
    SaskTel Prepaid Cellular Auto Top Up not working
    Topic posted January 5, 2018 by Bill Weppler 
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    SaskTel Prepaid Cellular Auto Top Up not working

    Beware - This automated process is not working so if you are on a SaskTel Cellular Prepaid plan and your account goes to $0 you will revert to Pay Per Use (which is costly).

    I  have told SaskTel Support 2x in the last 2 days that the process is not working and they seem oblivious to the process, the issue itself, and certainly aren't trying to fix it.

     One Rep said she didn't know why it wasn't topping up automatically and told my wife to just cancel the Auto Top Up and reestablish it. She did this and her account still did not Auto Top Up overnight.

    The other rep (Joel) blamed us for asking SaskTel to monitor our prepaid balance (as SaskTel Prepaid is a "self managed" service!), and said the 1st Rep instructed my wife with the correct solution. Customer Service at SaskTel is not doing well.

    So it appears that anyone on SaskTel Prepaid can't rely on the system to monitor the account balance and to top up automatically when below a certain threshold (in our case $20). We have to keep checking our prepaid balance regularly and ensure that the account does not go to zero, and manually do 1 time top ups. Grrrrr!

    Bell looking very good at this point!



    • Bill Weppler

      For SaskTel Support here is the Ref # 180104-000095 from my Support request, and also the accompanying text (read from bottom to top):



      Bill Weppler <>

      5:47 PM (18 hours ago)
      to me
      Joel - again Support fails to deal with the issue we had with the auto top up system.
      We are not asking Sasktel to monitor our top ups.
      We are asking why the system is not working properly.
      Auto top up is supposed to automatically top up the prepaid account when the amount left on the account is less than $20 (in our case ). Janices amount was $13 so should have automatically topped it up like the system has done in the past.
      IT DID NOT - our question is why it did not? If you dont know fine but then pass this issue on to tech support so they can determine why it did not work. 
      Don't try to sluff off by saying We are asking SaskTel to monitor something they dont monitor.
      Staff Account Joel via Email01/04/2018 01:09 PM
      Dear Bill,
      I am sorry to hear your frustration.
      Prepaid is a self managed service, and it is not possible for us to monitor your auto-top up settings. The solution provided to you was the correct solution to fix your issue, unless the issue was regarding the status of your credit card, at which point you would need to contact your credit card company for further assistance.
      Thanks for choosing SaskTel and using We appreciate your business.


      SaskTel Customer Services Team
      Customer Bill Weppler via CSS Web01/04/2018 11:39 AM
      Janice Weppler (3065397785) and I (3065339200) have had prepaid for years and use the online account process to make changes etc. Today Janice called in to SaskTel support because her auto topup was not working. She had it set to top up when the amount was $20 or less (amt. was sitting at approx. $13 for last few days). When she asked why it was not topping up the Rep said she didn't know and Janice should just cancel and set up the auto top up again!! This is terrible customer service. No attempt to figure out why Auto Topup wasn't working even though it had worked for the last few months. Does this mean that now we have to go in every month and cancel and set it up again? If so why even have an Auto Topup process?"
    • Bill Weppler

      Hi - I have heard nothing from SaskTel Support in regards to this post even though several SaskTel "subscribers" get the information.

      Can someone please get back to us to let us know whether anything is being looked at in regards to this issue? THx a lot