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    Linda M Peagam
    Max TV recordings disappeared ?
    Topic posted January 24, 2018 by Linda M Peagam, tagged maxTV 
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    Max TV recordings disappeared ?

     We were away for 2 weeks and were looking forward to catching up with our favourite shows. Any ideas?



    • SaskTel Support

      Hi Linda,

      If you did not record them, you can try our CraveTV or check your Netflix.

    • Dana

      Yikes!  I would be super sad if I lost all my recordingssad.  This happened to me once and I panicked.  All I had to do to fix this was reset the set-top box.  When it came back up, my recordings were there.

      I hope it works for you too.


    • Krystal Kolodziejak

      This really doesn't answer the question.  On Jan 29, we had no internet for a couple of hours.  Then when the internet service was restored, our PVR that had 72 recordings prior to the outage then only had 9 recordings.  There is another issue here that is not being addressed.