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    David Harvey
    SN Now App
    Topic posted December 16, 2014 by David HarveyBronze 
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    SN Now App

    Recently SaskTel began offering access to TSN GO. Is there any word on access for the Sportsnet Now app?



    • SaskTel Support
      Hi David,
      I haven't heard anything about Sportsnet NOW. 
      Thanks for letting us know you're interested in it. Customer feedback helps us choose which apps to get. I'll forward your concern to the team that looks into this.
    • Quentin Mallow

      Yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing you guys offer the Sportsnet NOW as well, so can view live sports on Sportsnet online and on the iOS app....please!

    • Alan Hardybala

      Please, please, with the recent Blue Jays success it would be great to follow a game with the Sportsnet Now app.

    • David stack

      Sasktel customers have been able to use the sportsnet app for sometime but now, without warning, it appears we cannot sign in any longer as Sasktel customers.  What's up?

    • David stack

      Forget my last post - I figured it out.  Sorry