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    Ken Helfrick
    How to get faster Internet with Max TV?
    Topic posted August 24, 2013 by Ken Helfrick, tagged Internet, maxTV 
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    How to get faster Internet with Max TV?

    I would like faster internet speeds but I also have Max TV and I was told I am not able to get faster internet than High Speed Plus as long as I have Max TV.

    I am wondering about having a seperate line for the tv so I can get the ultra internet on its own dedicated line.

    Would I still be able to get bundle pricing?
    Would I be better off dropping one service from sasktel and adding another service from the cable company to get the internet speeds I would like?




    • Cory Richard

      yes you would be able to get internet higher than plus speed but you will need one line for your tv only no net, and you would second dry line for your ultra net at 25 megs.  

    • SaskTel Support

      Hi Ken, this is a possibility, but ultimately it does depend on your physical service location.

      For more details, please contact us using our secure online chat.

      To use chat, go to this page on our Support website:

      If chat is available (depending on the time of day), you'll see "Start a chat" on the right side of the page.

      Click that button to start a chat.

      If chat isn't available, call 1-800-SASKTEL (727-5835) and choose option 3 for help.