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    Jayne Schwandt
    International Data
    Topic posted January 4, 2017 by Jayne Schwandt, tagged Roaming, Wireless phones and devices 
    International Data

    Hi there!  I just want to bring it to SaskTel's attention that the International Data plans are poor.  In the fall I heard about the new US data package - I signed up right away.  It's great!  However, I also travel to Grand Cayman each year to visit family.  I have unlimited text messages, but no one there uses text as it's unreliable.  WhatsApp is the go to, which I need data for.  The cost for this is to add it to my plan for $25/month, because Cayman is a Zone 4 country.  But this only reduces the cost to $10/MB.  It'll take almost zero time for me to go through one MB of data!  

    A friend who is making the trip with me this year has her phone through Telus.  They have a plan similar to SaskTel's US plan.  If she accesses it during the day, they charge her $10.  If she doesn't access it, no charge.  Amazing!

    Why so expensive SaskTel?  This is something that will make me want to jump ship and head for Telus when my contract renews, even though I've been with SaskTel for years.