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    Debbie Alix
    Viewing an ebill
    Topic posted June 6, 2013 by Debbie Alix, tagged Billing 
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    Viewing an ebill

    I purchased a new cell phone and have been trying to sign up to view my ebills online - the same way that I do with our landline. I started this the same week that the new website was launched. During one of my tries an online "help chat" opened up - it turns out they were no help. He said that there were issues with the new site and that I should try again in a couple of days. After repeated failed attempts, I phoned customer support. The person there tried a few times and then said it was linked, but neither one of us could view the bill online. She suggested that it might take a few minutes to be visible, but it never was. I was then told it would be referred to someone else to look into. I have never heard back again. When I try to add the account now it tells me that it is already linked to my account, but I still can't see my ebills and I continue to receive a paper copy. Any ideas on what I'm supposed to do now?



    • Logan

      Hi Debbie,

      I sent you a private message about this. Please check your inbox.

    • Dr. Zaius
       Trying to use mySasktel is like pulling teeth right now, except way less fun
    • erwin dyck

      can't get into my ebill guess i will just quit sask tell evey month i have trouble finding my bill