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    How to setup bridge mode in 2wire gateway
    Topic posted August 7, 2013 by dr.sask, tagged Internet 
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    How to setup bridge mode in 2wire gateway


    I would like to know how to setup my 2wire gateway in bridge mode?  The purpose is because I have another router/firewall that I would like to use instead and I would like it to have a public IP address separate from my other devices that are plugged into the 2wire.  I have tried putting it in DMZplus mode but that is not the same becuase every other device on the 2wire still shares the same public IP address.




    • Alex

      I am pretty sure that if you have their Max TV service you won't be able to bridge the 2Wire, (that would be best asked from the support people by calling in).

      If you don't have TV service then:

      I guess it all depends on what you want to do.  Are you using a server of some sort you want to get access to? The other devices that get a public IP on the 2wire you mentioned, could they not be moved to your router to get an internal IP?  When you put your router in DMZ, your router will get the public IP, but dishout internal IP's to your connected devices.

      Just wondering>

    • James Pryde

      If you simply want to get WiFi N capability on your LAN and don't need a completely separate LAN, the easiest way is to just run an ethernet cable from the 2Wire to your other router, turn off wireless on the 2Wire and turn off DHCP on the other router.  This will give you the fastest speeds possible on your LAN and has the added benefit of providing 3 or 4 extra ethernet ports (depending on whether your other router allows you to use the WAN port to connect routers).

      If you want a single LAN, give both routers the same SSID.  If not, give the new router a different SSID.  I know both of these work.

      It may be possible (I haven't tried it) to have the 2Wire provide IP's in the range x.x.x.2 to x.x.x.50 then assign your other router x.x.x.50, turn on its DHCP and have it assign IPs above x.x.x.50 - choose ranges that suit you.  Then you could also turn on wireless on the 2Wire and have two separate LANs, each with its own WiFi LAN.  As I say, I haven't tried this so I can't vouch for it.  If you try it let me know if it works!