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    Topic posted December 21, 2016 by Jennifer, tagged Billing, Internet, Wi Fi 

    So, Sasktel. Now that the CRTC has ruled that basic internet access is considered a basic necessity, how are you going to hook up your rural customers? Are customers such as myself, that live 7 km from one side of the highway, and 13 km from the other, going to be completely ignored? Given the worst "basic" internet? Charged double, maybe even triple of the costs that someone in town would pay? Set up terrible infrastructure so we continue to get subpar service and perpetual outages? Maybe you can charge $300 for unlimited broadband! Because why the heck not. You capitalize on every other internet service for your rural customers, might as well shoot high.

    Or will do you the right thing? Like give your customers a reason to stay loyal. I know if I had fibre optic line run out to my place, and service that was value for my money, you'd make a very happy customer. Along with thousands of others. But, through history and present actions, I feel that having halfway right actions done by you is a pipe dream.