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    John Wadsworth
    Is there a valid reason to SIM Card lock a phone
    Topic posted January 31, 2017 by John Wadsworth, tagged Wireless plans, features, and network 
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    Is there a valid reason to SIM Card lock a phone
    I can find no valid reason for carriers to card lock phones in fact there are jurisdictions where this is illegal. However SaskTel charges $50.00 to unlock it, a service I just went through that took 2 1/2minutes - that's a charge out rate of $1200.00 per hour.



    • John Wadsworth
      Finally found a young man in billing who went beyond the "Everybody does it " excuse. Who said it was to protect our privacy if the phone was stolen. I still don't agree with the reason or charge, my phone privacy is my responsibility and it should be offered as an option when signing a contract. Thanks to the young man whose name is probably on record - I've paid the bill and I bet you got top marks in the "Handling difficult customer's " course