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    Les Salkeld
    Fusion usage high again
    Topic posted March 3, 2017 by Les Salkeld, tagged Billing, Internet 
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    Fusion usage high again

    I usually use about 1gb per day on my iPad.  I don't stream anything  other than the odd Youtube video. I find this usage high.  But, in the last 2 days Sasktel says I used 4.5 GB. I haven't done anything different.  And it is a waste of time to call them and listen to there standard questions of "is anyone else using it? No, " have you reset It? yes", etc.

    i use to use 30-40 Gb, since the change, I am always at 70-80, if not pushing the 100GB.  


    I know now I am not the only one, some people even cancelled their account.


    i wish we had better quality of service and someway to check our usage without relying on Sasktel. I have hotspotted my phone for the same usage and don't even come close to what Fusion says I use.  Atleast if we could carry over unused Data, that would help.

    very unhappy with them.



    • Les Salkeld

      I only used my iPad for the last 4 days for a bit of surfing/Facebook/etc.  I was using, according to Sasktel, between 500mb and 1 GB per day, which seems high.  Yesterday I jumped 4GB again, there is no way these usage numbers are right.  I never use to go over 30-40GB on the old system, now I have to watch what I do so I don't go over the 100GB limit.  I don't have Netflix, I might watch one or 2 movies per month, which is the same as before. I have called Sasktel and I get the same song and dance when I phone. I wish we had another option. Sasktel doesn't care about rural customers. 

    • Bonnie Moleski

      Yes the fusion usage is not accurate, I believe it is a modem hardware problem. Unfortunately their is no solution to that.  I have heard that you can plug your fusion modem into a router and select the wifi router and your usage is less.  Sasktel has washed their hands of the hardware problem. Sasktel only supplies the signal.