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    jesse campbell
    Slow internet and keeps disconnecting in Estevan,sk
    Topic posted May 3, 2018 by jesse campbell, last edited May 3, 2018, tagged Internet, Outage: service not working 
    Slow internet and keeps disconnecting in Estevan,sk

    Hello, I've been with Sasktel Internet for years now,  I lived in a small town and there highest speeds were 10mbps and the internet has never cut out.  I just moved to estevan,sk  on may 1st .  I decided to upgrade my plan to 25mbps  and it's been only few days and my internet has cutoff over 10 times. I had a sasktel technician come to my place and he tested the lines and gave me brand new modem and ethernet cord tested the speeds and they were fine.....but now again the internet slows down and cuts out  i have to keep resetting the modem.  I don't wanna annoy  the technician to come to my place and try fix it again any opnions what i should do?   I know it's not my computer like i said ive never had this problem with sasktel before .