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    David Harvey
    Max Remote DTVR - needs updating ASAP
    Topic posted September 30, 2014 by David HarveyBronze, tagged maxTV, Wireless phones and devices 
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    Max Remote DTVR - needs updating ASAP

    I cannot record new channels such as FXX on the Max Remote DTVR. Will this be addressed soon? Several channels are missing.

    Also the app itself is in need of a refresh. The Max logo is old and SaskTel doesn't even refer to the PVR as a DTVR anymore. Are there plans to update this app in the immediate future? Its a pretty important servie offered by SaskTel and should be treated as such.

    Thank you


    • SaskTel Support

      Hello David,

      It is great to see that customers like you notice these types of things and report them to us.

      We'll pass on your feed back to the correct area for investigation.






    • Dana

      A little birdie told me there may be something in the works. wink

      Stay tuned.

    • David Harvey

      Perfect, thanks!

    • David Harvey

      I see that the iOS version of the app has been updated. Any word on the Android version? Thank you

    • SaskTel Support

      Hi David,


      We've had a few snags getting this together but rest assured, we're working on it and hope to have it released asap. 




    • David Harvey

      Any update on the Android version? Thanks

    • SaskTel Support

      Hello David, 

      The Android version has been problematic for us. I'm told we're going to be bringing out a "more robust" Remote PVR app. Scheduled release is January and will be for both Android and iOS. 

      Fingers crossed for less bugs and on time. 
    • Logan

      It looks like the new app has been released. David have you or anyone else tried it? 

      Give us a review if you have. 

    • David Harvey

      I have used it. It looks much better (great, actually) and it is very easy to use but a few of the previous issues are still there. Not all the channels are available (ie: FXX) and some of the channel icons are outdated (The Score has been Sportsnet 360 for some time now). This is likely a provider issue (Zap2It) so they may need to be notified? None the less, I'm quite happy with it. Well done!

    • Logan

      Thanks for the honest feedback. I'll pass it on.

      I'm trying to build a place where folks can:

      • Find answers
      • Work together to figure out problems  
      • Post a tip that helps someone

      Many readers will benefit from your review.  Kudos!

      As thanks, I'm going to send you a $50 SaskTel gift certificate. I'll send you a direct message to get your info. 

      For everyone else....Keep doing the right things, and maybe you'll the next one getting rewarded.

    • Quentin Mallow

      Is the new version of the app just for Android currently? Is a new update like this coming soon for iOS? Just looked on the App Store and shows that the last update for the iOS version was Sept 23, 2013.

    • SaskTel Support

      Hi Quentin, 

      Hang tight.  Something is on its way.  It shouldn't be long.

    • watermelon-helmet

      Got the new IOS version of PVR remote.

      Good to see the app can make use of larger screen devices.

      Bad to see that I had to re-register, because previous login information did not carry over to the new app.

    • J. Gutwin

      Have installed the new Android version.Cannot login, however. I can successfully login over the web on my PC, but in the app the same credentials always come back with a "This password is incorrect" error. Not an entry error - have tried this multiple times on multiple devices. Is it the same credential required? Are there different password requirements, for some reason?

    • SaskTel Support

      Hello J. Gutwin,

      I think we've discovered a trick...

      When you get to the screen that says to put in your email and password don't enter your information. Make sure you scroll down to Registration. 
      After you choose Registration put in your email address and password. 
      Let us know if that helps.