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    Suresh Arv
    Iphone 4S Sasktel - Locked
    Topic posted August 1, 2013 by Suresh Arv, last edited August 1, 2013, tagged iPhone 
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    Iphone 4S Sasktel - Locked
    I brought a phone from bestbuy secondary market which is locked to Sasktal. Since I am new to Canada I am not aware of availability of SIM cards in Ontario. Now I am not able to find SIM in Sault Ste Marie. Is there any possibility to get the SIM Card or get it unlocked.



    • SaskTel Support

      Hi Suresh, as previously posted in another topic you have visited, as well as advised thorugh our online chat service, you have to be a current SaskTel customer to get your phone's unlock code from SaskTel.

      More information can be found by visiting the following link:


    • Suresh Arv


      Thanks for Reply. I am trying to get a SIM Card from Sask. Once I recive the same, I can check with you to set up account and Prepaid Recharge option.