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    Adam Hickey
    High speed Internet promotions
    Topic posted May 23, 2018 by Adam Hickey, tagged Billing, Internet 
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    High speed Internet promotions

    Hello, I was wondering if you have any high speed Internet promotions planned?  Access Communications is currently offering a package of 50Mbps down / 5Mbps up for $44.95 for the next two years - this would be a significant savings and speed increase over my current 5Mbps down / 1Mbps up for $52.95 that I'm currently signed up for with SaskTel.  I have asked the service reps via Chat but they say there are no current promotions on.

    Thank you!




    • SaskTel Support

      Hi Adam,


      Sorry, We don't have promotions for 5Mbps unfortunately. Any changes we made, promotion or not will be more expensive than what you're paying now.