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    Sarena Skogen
    Internet cutting out
    Topic posted September 21, 2017 by Sarena Skogen, tagged Internet, Wi Fi 
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    Internet cutting out

    Anyone else having problems with their internet (wifi) cutting out?  Mine drops multiple times throughout the day and evening.  Our router is only a few months old.  I ran a test on our "High Speed Plus" - one time was fine (5.08 download/0.55 upload) the next time was horrible (1.25 download/0.19 upload)



    • Tyson McShane

      Yes, same thing has been happening to me for the last week. I just emailed Sasktel to see what the issue may be.

    • Kimbal MacMillan

      Last couple of days has been the same and now it’s down more than not. 

    • Roxanne Hooker

      Has there been an "upgrade" lately near White Fox? I'm getting very poor and no service frequently.  

    • Rory Hancock

      Yeah I have the same thing happen all the time.  

    • Sarena Skogen

      I've contacted them as well, they sound surprised and are asking me if I know if my neighbors are having trouble, then try to sell me on upgrading my internet speed.  I tried to tell them the speed is fine when it's working, the problem is when the internet drops completely!  Got nowhere with them...grrrr...

    • Justin
      I've been having this problem as well. It's fine for awhile but then slows right down to 100kbps or less. Sometimes it just stops all together.
    • Rob Hopkins

      We've been getting disconnects every half hour or so ever since they started mucking about outside getting ready to install fibre.

      The work has stopped, but I suspect Sasktel monkeys with our internet so we'll get frustrated and jump at the chance to pay big bucks for fibre. Marketing ploy.