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    Andrew Allsopp
    Sasktel email on a Windows Phone
    Topic posted August 19, 2013 by Andrew Allsopp, tagged Email 
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    Sasktel email on a Windows Phone

    On a windows phone, there is no support for pop3 mail so you can't connect your SaskTel email account. Apparently you need to import your SaskTel mail into a new outlook account. Are there any instructions around on how to do that? If I go to I can see my SaskTel mail but when I try to connect the messages tile to the outlook account it won't log in?



    • Henry

      If you go to, search for windows phone email, then click on setting up or deleting an email, find the article titled

      "To set up an email account from an Internet Service Provider (ISP)" it will guide you through how to setup your sasktel email on your phone.