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    Topic posted January 3, 2013 by LoganGold 
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    I read something yesterday that blew my mind - 1.76 billion apps were downloaded in the last week of 2012. That's a lot of apps! I went to figure out how many that was per second or minute, but quickly discovered that my calculator doesn't have enough digits. So I grabbed a yellow legal pad and sharpened my pencil (or used the calculator on my computer).

     251 428 871 / day

       10 476 190 / hour

            174 603 / minute

                2 910 / second

    I think these numbers are unbelievable, just imagine how many there will be in the last week of 2013. This also got me thinking what are the apps I couldn’t live without.

    CIBC - I could easily count on one hand the number of times I’ve been to the bank in the past year. How much time/gas/inconvenience has been saved by this? Most banks have apps now, check to see if yours does.

    The Weather Network – Living in Saskatchewan the weather is very important to us, especially in the middle of winter. I probably check this app 4 or 5 times daily.

    IMDb - I have many uses for the Internet Movie Database. I use it for finding top rated shows, user reviews or when I ask myself what other show do I know that actress from.

    Mysask 411 - No more phone books for this guy.

    Fruit Pop! - A very addicting game, give it a shot if you’re not afraid of getting hooked. My high score is 2 670 453, let me know if you can beat that.


    What’re your favourite apps? Post below and say what app changed your life.


    • Kim

      For anyone who needs instructions, see Downloading apps to your wireless phone.

    • Kim

      Also, check out the featured apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone on our Mobile Apps Overview page. I just learned about and downloaded the free GasBuddy app which is available on all four platforms. It looks good!

    • Rene Wiseman

       When the phone book came in the mail the other day, I thought to myself that yes, I guess there are people who still use  for sure Sask411, my banking app, and facebook, and me email...I can go anywhere...and it would be more fun with a $400 visa gift lol  8)

    • Jane2

      Only one?  The iphone Garmin GPS less device, half the cost, and just as good as the separate Garmin unit.

    • Robyn Fahlman

      Forsure the weather network app!

    • Tammy Chrusch

      My favorite apps would have to be RBC and TD mobile banking apps so I could pay my bills on the go, as well as transfer funds etc.

      Where's my water? fun and very addicting!

      Facebook app I could not live without laugh even if it is a little buggy at times...




    • Kimberly Fleger

      Royal bank. So nice to be able see my account balance before I buy those new shoes or purse.

    • Melanie Holtskog
       The weather network. When camping we check it out daily for any storms that may be coming our way.
    • jason staniec

      The weather network and Royal bank, are both great.  Also I like the count down one, called days left.

    • Greg Goller

      mysask411 and weathernetwork apps. The weather app is important when planning to travel in winter in sask.

    • cheryl slowski

      Definately the Weather Network!

    • NineSuns

      "What's On". Not life changing, but much faster than scrolling through the TV online guide. You can customize according to which channels you actually get (no more disappointment when you find it's on the guide, but you don't get the channel), and it's searchable. 

    • Greg Goller

      Tinycam viewer is most useful as it allows me to view my security cameras from my smartphone.

    • Cory Richard

      for sure the weather app and interactive app as well.  bring on multiview please.  

    • Greg Goller

      Gasbuddy app. Great for finding the cheapest nearby gas.