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    Topic posted January 3, 2013 by LoganGold 
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    I read something yesterday that blew my mind - 1.76 billion apps were downloaded in the last week of 2012. That's a lot of apps! I went to figure out how many that was per second or minute, but quickly discovered that my calculator doesn't have enough digits. So I grabbed a yellow legal pad and sharpened my pencil (or used the calculator on my computer).

     251 428 871 / day

       10 476 190 / hour

            174 603 / minute

                2 910 / second

    I think these numbers are unbelievable, just imagine how many there will be in the last week of 2013. This also got me thinking what are the apps I couldn’t live without.

    CIBC - I could easily count on one hand the number of times I’ve been to the bank in the past year. How much time/gas/inconvenience has been saved by this? Most banks have apps now, check to see if yours does.

    The Weather Network – Living in Saskatchewan the weather is very important to us, especially in the middle of winter. I probably check this app 4 or 5 times daily.

    IMDb - I have many uses for the Internet Movie Database. I use it for finding top rated shows, user reviews or when I ask myself what other show do I know that actress from.

    Mysask 411 - No more phone books for this guy.

    Fruit Pop! - A very addicting game, give it a shot if you’re not afraid of getting hooked. My high score is 2 670 453, let me know if you can beat that.


    What’re your favourite apps? Post below and say what app changed your life.


    • Greg Goller

      TSN mobile. It is great for checking the latest scores and sports headlines.

    • Jose Rojas Costa

      St John Ambulance App is great info to have all the time and Beach Buggy Blitz is definetly the best game you can play on a cell phone

    • Sheldon G

      Epicurious: More than 30 000 recipes at your fingertips

    • Albert Beaulac

      Hearts++ is my favorite app. Love to play the game. Don't do that much as far as apps are concerned.

    • DarWei

      I"m going to check  out Epicurious! that's alot of recipes!! 

    • Barry Simmons

      Facebook..keeps me in touch with family, friends, and what's going on with corporations I like to follow (e.g. BlackBerry).

    • Greg Goller

      Viber app. I find it the most modern and useful voice & chat app.

    • Sheldon G

      Flixster: One stop shop for movie reviews, trailers, show times and more.

    • Steven Anderson

      The weather network app and the pga app. I can check the weather and see how my players are doing in the tournaments


    • Logan

      Heads Up!

      This is the best game I’ve downloaded in a while. It cost 99 cents, but I’m glad I got off my wallet.

      You play in either groups or teams. The game begins by selecting a category; animals, movies and pop stars are my favourites. You place your phone or tablet on your forehead and your teammates give you clues to help you figure out what is displayed on the screen. You get one minute to guess as many as possible.

      The best feature is that it takes a video while your teammates are giving you clues. After each round you can relive your teams most animated moments.

      For an example watch Ellen play it on her show.