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    iPhone Tips and Hints
    Topic posted March 7, 2013 by NineSunsBronze, tagged iPhone 
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    iPhone Tips and Hints

    People show me their iPhone asking me how to do something, and I discover that they don't know even the basics ... like how to shut down programs they have running in the background to save battery life. As a matter of fact, they don't realize that they are running. I figured I'd start a thread to help some of those people out ... and also pass on more advanced finds for those who are beyond the basics. Here are some of the basic basics.

    1) Double click the "home" button (after you have unlocked the phone); that will show you all the programs you have running. The more you have open, the faster your battery will drain.

    2) While you have those programs that are running showing, hold your finger over one of the app icons. The icons will start to wiggle and will have a "minus" sign on the upper left corner. Hitting a minus sign will shut down the application.

    3) Tired of so many apps that you don't use cluttering your screen? Again, put your finger on the icon and wait till they start to wiggle, this time with an "X" in the upper left. Hit the X to get rid of icons you don't want. You can still get those programs back if you want them back, but if you aren't using them, it will leave you with a cleaner, less cluttered screen.

    Whether a new user, or seasoned user, please post some more hints to help new users, and old hands alike.


    • NineSuns

      Videos won't play sound on iPad

      I know this is titled "Tips and Tricks for iPhone", but this one plagued me on my iPad for so long that I thought I would post it. Often, if someone has an iPhone, they also have an iPad.

      So, videos would play on my iPad, but there was no sound. I thought it was just a bad video, but when it happened repeatedly, I started to look for a solution on my end. Although it took some time to locate the problem and solution, I finally found it. Here it is.

      Don't stop reading after you see this first sentence .... your iPad is on "mute". Honest, it is. I didn't think mine was, but there it was ... my videos started to play sound. Here is what you do.

      1) On your iPad, go to Settings>General and make sure that the "Lock side switch to" is set to "Mute".

      2) Now, look on the right hand edge of your iPad. There are two switches - the top is a slide switch and the lower one is a rocker switch. The top slide switch is the one you want. Slide it so that the orange button isn't showing (I have an iPad 2, and that is what I am referencing). You can verify this by looking at the screen - the "mute" symbol will appear (bell with a line through it), or the live symbol (a bell with no line and the volume bar showing).

      That's it! That solved my problem forever more. I hope it helps a few people out there.

    • Jamie Brost

      Reset iDevice

      Hold the home button and the power button until you see the Apple Logo appear on the screen.

    • NineSuns

      Blocking unwanted calls and messages

      Like everyone else, I am getting more unwanted calls on my iPhone. Here is one way to block them.

      Select the call from "Recents" under your Phone menu (the telephone receiver symbol on your phone), and go into "info" (The "i" symbol with a circle around it) on the right side of the screen across from the phone number. Clicking on the name itself or will cause the phone to call that number back so you don't want to do that. Then, scroll to the bottom of the screen where you will see "Block this Caller".

      Another way to do this (if someone hasn't actually called you) is to go to Settings>Phone>Blocked and you can add a number there.

      I had used a third method before there was a simple way to block a call as above ... I had saved each of the annoying caller's numbers to a contact called "Junk". I then had set the Ring-tone for Junk to "Silence" so it wouldn't bother me. If the number called again, the Caller ID would say "Junk" rather than a phone number, and I knew it was a repeat junk caller.

    • NineSuns

      Send contact information (land line phone number, mobile, street address, etc) to another person

      Sometimes, someone will ask you for someone's mobile number, or their land line information. This is easy to do if they are a contact on your iPhone and you have that information stored.

      Find "Contacts" from the home screen. Click the icon and it will take you to all of your stored contacts. From there, you can either search for the contact by putting the name into the "Search" box, or scroll alphabetically. Once you have the correct contact, select by clicking their name. That will take you to all the information you have on that contact. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select "Share Contact" and choose how you want to share the contact - by email, text, etc. It's that simple.

      A few caveats here ... be sure the contact doesn't mind if you share their information with the recipient, and all information that you have on that contact will be transferred to the recipient, so if you have a street address in there, or some notes on the contact, they will go to.


    • NineSuns

      Shortcut a contact phone number for a place of business with an option menu (press 1 for .., press 2 for ...)

      I call a number of business' that have option menus; we're all familiar with them  ... "if you know the extension of the person you are calling, please enter it now; to reach customer service for one of our departments, please press 1", etc, etc. You can preset those numbers in your phone so that you don't have to listen to all the menus if you consistently call the same department. Here's how you do that.

      When setting up (or editing) the contact, you will notice on the number pad in the lower left corner a square that, instead of a number, has "+*#". Press that square and it will take you to a menu that has options for *, #, +, but also "pause" and "wait". Pause will put a comma into the number, wait will put in a semicolon. You will have to test the number once you are done and you may have to add more commas for a longer pause, or you can use "wait" and input the number yourself when it is time.

      This has worked the best for me on a calling card; lots of digits and a long option menu on that!


    • NineSuns

      Auto-dial a contact's long distance number using a calling card

      This follows yesterday's post on shortcutting a contact number for a place of business that has an option menu. My long distance plan allows for limited calling, so I sometimes use a calling card. However, calling someone using the card is painful to say the least ... soooo many numbers. I figured that there must be a way of using a calling card using the pauses and stops mentioned in the previously mentioned post, however, I would get to the point where it would ask me to input the caller's number, and that required that I, one, remember the number and two, had hands free dial. When I hit on how to do it, it was one of those "Duh" moments. Can't imagine why I hadn't thought of it sooner.

      All I did was input the number as a new contact number under the contact, but called it "Calling Card". So, to do that, you just have to go to the person's contact details under "Contacts", hit "Edit" and "Add Phone". Put in the phone number with all the pauses as in the previously mentioned post. Then, on the left of the screen where it shows what the phone number is (mobile, home, work, etc), hit the name that is currently in that slot (let's assume it says "Mobile"). Hitting mobile will take you to a menu with a number of presets (home, work, iPhone, main, home fax, work fax, etc), but you want to scroll to the bottom of the list to the new section where it says "Add Custom Label" and type in a new name. I called it "Calling Card".

      Now, to call the contact using my calling card, I can tell my voice automated dialing to call "{contact name}, calling card", and it will. Slick!


    • NineSuns

      Lock your phone ... please

      Again, I have an acquaintance who has had her phone stolen - out of her purse, at an airport. Another was out of a pocket. You think it won't happen to you and you will know if someone is that close to you. You don't and I can attest to that. I was at the Cornwall Centre when 2 girls approached me and told me that a man had his hand on the zipper of my purse and left when he saw that they were watching him. My purse is really, really small - maybe 7" x 5", and I felt nothing ... no presence that close to me. It CAN happen to you.

      Then, there is the lost phone ... I had lost my iPhone while I visited a number of businesses. I had no idea if it was in the parking lot, at a place of business, or if it had been stolen out of my purse. One thing that made me feel better was that it was locked. It makes it slightly harder for someone to reuse my phone (and now with the new iOS 7, even harder), but at least, no one could run up charges on my phone, or access my information.

      My phone had only been locked for a month or so when this happened. It was locked because I had just heard another story where someone had had their phone stolen, but had it locked. Thankfully!! I had been putting off locking it, but that story pushed me over the edge and I finally locked it.

      I hope this comment prompts a few people to finally lock their phone. Yes, it's less convenient, but it eventually becomes automatic.