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    Robin DeRoo
    The GO apps
    Topic posted December 5, 2017 by Robin DeRoo, tagged maxTV, mySaskTel 
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    The GO apps

    Dear SaskTel,

    I am a recent convert from Shaw and Shaw Direct. I am disappointed Sasktel does not offer an all incompassing app similiar to the “Free range” app of Shaw Direct. With it it mattered not which channel I chose, I could watch any, it operated like a tuner. With the GO apps there is one app per provider - CTV, Global, Space, TSN and the list goes on. I don’t like it but I can live with it. What is upsetting is SaskTel is not an option on Sportsnet, Global, or Space (that’s ones I have discovered so far). This is unacceptable. I know of no workarounds either. Get it fixed!



    • SaskTel Support

      Hi Robin, thanks for your comments and concerns.

      I have forwarded them to the right team, and when I hear back, I'll let you know.

    • SaskTel Support

      maxTV customers do need to subscribe to the channel / Theme Pack in order to get the channel's Go App 
      Sportsnet, TSN, and CTV are all included in Basic maxTV, and would give Basic customers access to all 3 of these Go Apps (at no extra cost).
      Customer can see the full list of maxTV Go Apps on our site -
      We continue to investigate offering new Go Apps in the future.

    • Brian Zinchuk

      SaskTel, I was just going to post the very same thing. I would like access to Discovery Go and Space Go, but SaskTel is not part of that. Please rectify. Brian Zinchuk

    • Beardawg

      I agree with this post. I used to be a Bell subscriber and they have an app that allowed you to watch any channel that you were subscribed to and you could also sign in to go apps similar to what Sasktel offer. Tried to watch something on Global app and no option for Sasktel!