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    Novatel mobile stick
    Topic posted December 9, 2011 by Leanne, tagged Internet 
    Novatel mobile stick

    I am posting this as an FYI to any potential Novatel mobile stick subscribers... Normally when the stick is plugged into the USB port, it should do an autorun (provided you have that enabled in your settings). In my case, it didn't. Sort of a red flag there... The biggest problem was that when I went into find the drive and install from there, it would let me go through the whole process but at the very end it said, "ERROR 1500 - another installation in progress".  Cancel and retry?  No, there was no point.   I tried that several times.

    The point is that it was Microsoft Essential Security that was conflicting with the installation.  MES wasn't trying to install or even was running in the background but I didn't notice it.  I killed the process...stopped the service...and tried the install again.  Viola!