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    WWE Network
    Topic posted September 2, 2014 by DannyBronze, tagged Internet, maxTV 
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    WWE Network

    Back in the spring of 2014, rumor was put out by a SaskTel employee that the WWE Network was going to be offered by SaskTel.  Now that we know Rogers had signed the contract with them due to Sportsnet 360, is SaskTel planning on getting this service or offering the on demand network that Rogers is offering?

    Even though its Rogers, SaskTel should take action to gain access to this content.  It would be a great added feature to the on demand profile of SaskTel.



    • SaskTel Support

      Hi Danny, thanks you for your feedback.

      We value it, and as a result it has been forwarded to the team working with content providers for the maxTV service.

      We make every effort to ensure we offer a wide variety of programming.

      SaskTel maxTV channel line-up currently does not offer WWE Network.

      For each channel, we do an analysis on the cost, the carriage and the customer demand then make a decision if we are going to add it to our line up or not. Thank you for your inquiry.

    • Chris Fehr

      I'm pretty annoyed by WWE and all of the cable service providers in Western Canada. I want WWE Network NOW sooner than later. Firstly I'm not impressed that it's going to cost 2 bucks more than it does in the States but oh well I'm willing to pay for it. But *** it hurry up with your bureaucratic bullcrap and give your customers what they want. Your months behind the trend.

    • SaskTel Support

      Hi Danny, I'll pass on your feedback to the team responsible. I'm a little afraid... It sounds like you might give us a suplex if we don't get it. 

    • Chris Fehr

      Yeah this isn't Danny but I saw this thread and wanted to comment. When the WWE Network was announced to Canada I don't understand why SaskTel wasn't trying to get it a lot sooner. Which ever cable provider gets it first in Saskatoon I'm going with them whether it be Shaw or SaskTel.

    • Chris Fehr

      So here we are and another month has passed with no news whatsoever, what's the deal here? Any updates? Something?

    • SaskTel Support

      Hi Chris, 

       We don't have any info to share. If and when any information becomes available, it would be announced on our website. 

    • Tony Wurtz

      Hi there. It's good to know that I'm not the only person who has Sasktel Max and wants the WWE Network. Is there any news on that front? I do enjoy that brand of entertainment and it would make my day and my year to know that SaskTel has the WWE Network in their plans. I would hate to go to a rival cable service if they off the network.



    • SaskTel Support

      Hey guys, I know you're all really excited for this. You'll be the first to know if we hear anything. 

    • Chris Fehr

      Shaw will be offering the WWE Network in March 2015, will you? If not bye bye Sasktel.

    • Bill Larson

      Nearly every other cable supplier in the country now has or by the end of March will have this service.  I am surprised that with Bell jumping on, SaskTel did not jump on with them.  Maybe time to jump to the big boys.

    • Monika McDonough

      We REALLY want the WWE network, I know other Sasktel customers who feel the same. I know Shaw has it but I left Shaw years ago and prefer you. Please don't make me go back to them. 

      Please get the channel, it has been very successful since it debut.

      it is so much cheaper for us to have the network then pay crazy amounts for pay previews. Now they are only offering some of their main events on their own channel. It's a win/ win deal for you