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    FUSION is slow & expensive with ransomware like features and...
    Topic posted September 14, 2017 by dgd, tagged Billing, Internet, Wireless phones and devices, Wireless plans, features, and network 
    FUSION is slow & expensive with ransomware like features and costs

    INTERNET SHUTS OFF WITHOUT WARNING at 200 GB data cap even after paying $100 more at 100 GB data cap. (total bill more than $200/mo.)

    Then a restart service ransom is required to be paid to get internet service.

    Intolerably slow, even when paying an additional $20/mo. for "faster" service.

    Un-acceptalby expensive. Rogers is competitive at $330/mo. unlimited data serving the same region. That is CHEEPER PER MB than fusion.

    Sasktel refuses to update inferior old equipment.

    NOTE: Sasktel customer service reps are very good at their job. They helpfully remind customers that there are about 100 complaints per week about the horrible fusion internet. I am happy there are such good folks to talk with when we call in with complaints.