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    Message center charges
    Topic posted December 21, 2013 by JJ, tagged iPhone, Voice mail 
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    Message center charges

    Not sure what we are accidentally doing on our iPhones 4s and iPhone 5c to get these charges.  What can we do to stop getting charged for  this.



    • SaskTel Support

      You must be hitting the voice mail button on your iPhone or pocket dialing *99.  We are working on a fix for this.  If needed we can credit back this amount you just jump on chat with us; Contacting SaskTel for Help

    • Kevin Wiebe

      Obviously not working very hard on a fix for this as I am still getting charged for Message Center usage even though I don't have Voice mail active on either of my iPhones and accidentally pressing the Voice Mail icon.  3 years later, great support.  You might want to remove the gold trophy next to the SaskTel SupportGold and give yourself a participation ribbon instead.

    • JJ

      Yes we are all still getting charged too, who wants to keep calling in every month to get the charges reversed?  Should be fixed automatically on their end.

    • Ashley Benson

      I don't know.

    • Ron Gartner

      What are the charges on my wireless phone of $.62 for? my Account # 01478554

    • Fahim Hashmat

      Until and unless somebody sue them, they will not stop, who doesn't want free money, they are actually stealing money from us, no matter how much measure I do for not calling voice mail and really I don't call, but charges are always there every f**ing month, there should not be any extra charges on the paid service anyways, I am going to change the company on my next phone change.